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Do huet een e ferme Problem.

Liese grad dat néistent Buch vum brillianten Bart D. Ehrman, “God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question – Why We Suffer“. Den Auteur ass een vun deenen renomméiersten Bibelforscher aktuell an huet an sengem vireschten Buch “Misquoting Jesus. The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why” d’Art an Weis vun der Bibelforschung a – kritik och fir Laien verständlech beschriwwen. Natiirlech absolut ze recommandéieren, wann een sëch fir dës Thematik interesséiert.

Zeréck awer zum eigentlechen Thema. Den Fait, dass gudd an onschëlleg Läit deelweis onwahrscheinlech leide mussen, ass fir mech dat gréissten an beschten Argument géint en allmächtegen, allwëssenden AN allgütegen (‘loving’) Gott. Dat ze widderléen oder ze rechtfertegen ass och den gréissten Challenge fir all Religioun, déi sou en Gott promouvéiert. D’Bibel huet verschidden Erklärungen an sie évoluéieren mat der Zäit. Um Ufank zum Beispill, sinn Katastrophen, Kricher, Krankheeten, etc ass gëttlech Bestrofungen ugesinn ginn, déi Israel verdéngt hat, well se net gefollegt haten.

Ech hunn dës Justifikatioun natiirlech rem op mengem religéisen Debattéiersite erwähne missen, an hei ass mäin Post, falls et een interesséiert:

God/Jesus: a brutal castigator!

It is obvious from reading the Old Testament that people at the time, at first, thought that suffering and pain was brought upon them by God as a punishment for their alleged sins.

This can already be seen in Genesis when God adapts the female body in order to make child birth more painful:

Genesis 3:16 To the woman He said, “I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth, in pain you will bring forth children

And the view of disasters as divine punishment for sins and disobedience can be seen virtually everywhere, especially in the books of the prophets:

Amos 3:6 “When disaster comes to a city, has not the LORD caused it?” (given the preceding verses the implied answer is Yes)
Amos 4:7 “Furthermore, I withheld the rain from you while there were still three months until harvest” (the LORD causing droughts)
Amos 4:10 “I sent a plague among you after the manner of Egypt; I slew your young men by the sword along with your captured horses, and I made the stench of your camp rise up in your nostrils; yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD. (the LORD sent Israel’s enemies to kill their young men in order to force Israel to obey to him again. )
Amos 4:11 “I overthrew you, as God (elohiym) overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah, and you were like a firebrand snatched from a blaze; yet you have not returned to Me,” declares the LORD (YHWH). (the additional funny thing here is that the Lord speaks as if God was a different person, i.e. not himself)

Hosea 13:16 Samaria will be held guilty, for she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword, their little ones will be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women will be ripped open. (so this wasn’t simply ancient tribes barbarically fighting each other over mundane things, these wars were orchestrated by God to punish his disobeying people)

But what else to expect from a God who describes himself like a fierce animal:

Hosea 13:7 So I will be like a lion to them; like a leopard I will lie in wait by the wayside. 8 I will encounter them like a bear robbed of her cubs, and I will tear open their chests; there I will also devour them like a lioness, as a wild beast would tear them. (note: if Jesus was God then it was Jesus who said this. but isn’t this totally different from the Jesus talking about lion laying with lambs?)

And that God is really creative. He will even make them eat themselves:

Jeremiah 19:8 “I will also make this city a desolation and an object of hissing; everyone who passes by it will be astonished and hiss because of all its disasters.9 I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they will eat one another’s flesh in the siege and in the distress with which their enemies and those who seek their life will distress them.” (so God’s punishment, a siege and the resulting starvation of the people, will lead them to cannibalism)

And the people to whom theses horrible things happened HAD to be sinners and had to be punished accordingly, right? Because didn’t God also say:

Proverbs 10:3 The LORD will not allow the righteous to hunger, but He will reject the craving of the wicked.
Proverbs 12:21 No harm befalls the righteous, but the wicked are filled with trouble.
Proverbs 13:21 Adversity pursues sinners, but the righteous will be rewarded with prosperity.

And God wouldn’t lie or make false promises, would he? Or did the Hebrews just invent these sayings of the Lord?

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