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Noisy skin-bags.

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is what it’s like to sit around the dinner table. At the top of my field of vision is a blurry edge of nose, in front are waving hands … Around me bags of skin are draped over chairs and stuffed into pieces of cloth, they shift and protrude in unexpected ways … Two dark spots near the top of them swivel relentlessly back and forth. A hole beneath the spots fills with food and from it comes a stream of noises. Imagine that the noisy skin-bags suddenly moved toward you and their noises grew loud, and you have no idea why, no way of explaining them or predicting what they would do next.

Being autistic – Gopnik (1993)

Die Beschreiwung klengt scary an awer novollzéibar …

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