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(op englesch well ech en lo net iwwersetzen wollt)

Theodicy makes people look like crazy, cruel buffoons!

A very good example of this is Richard Swinburne, an Oxford scholar and ‘a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church, he is noted as one of the foremost rational Christian apologists, arguing in his many articles and books that faith in Christianity is rational and coherent in a rigorous philosophical sense.’

I’ve not read his books but if they’re anything like the statements he made during this interesting discussion on Premier (a Christian radiostation but it has one interesting show called ‘Unbelievable’, click on the show from Jan 10th and skip the first 15 minutes or so until the show starts) then his arguments will be anything but rational and coherent. They’ll actually be illogical, sick, disgusting and pathetic. To only use mild words.

His explanation, for example, why 200.000 people had to die during the tsunamis and millions more to suffer was simply so that, in the grand scheme of things, WE could grow and have the choice to help these people or not, in our quest to become saints! He totally ignores the victims. Something Christian defenders often do. The ‘freewill’ of the oppressor is more important than the ‘freewill’ and safety of his victim.

That’s such a stupid, and desperate, excuse that my brain hurts and I simply had to shout out loud when I heard it!

Seriously, if that’s the BEST answer you can give then you, and your whole belief system, have utterly FAILED.

I literally wanted to punch that guy in the face when I was listening to the interview and tell him that I’m helping him to grow and giving him an opportunity to decide how to react to it. And then I’d give him a kick in the groins and say that same. And then I’d torture him and ask him if he is still thankful that his God created him in order to teach other people a lesson about my cruelty and to give them the chance to choose how they’ll react to it.

Not that I would like to be cruel. But it seems to be the only way to make people like that realize the enormous inanities they’re proclaiming.

So will all these drowned Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Agnostics, etc at least have a nice afterlife? Or was their only reason of existence to teach US a lesson?

People like this make me LOATHE Christianity. And confirm me in my attempts to expose these stupidities.

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  1. Pol
    January 11, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    Alt nees ee Versuch Relioun mat Rationalem ze meschen….
    Relioun ass dach quasi defineiert als Irrational?

    Ass wei bai Genesis vs Darwin … do gin Äppel mat Biiren verglach….
    (Wei soot mol ee mathes proff 5 Pommer plus 3 pieds ne sont pas 8 Pompiers…)

    Vill Chresten an aner religös oder net religös Menschen hun daat begraff, ausser e puer Spackoen dei mengen si missten dWelt bekeieren.

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