Léiert een awer och ëmmer eppes bäi:

Anscheinend stammt ‘Olé‘ vun Wa’llah (‘bei Gott’) an soumadder aus der Zäit, wou d’Mauren Spuenien occupéiert haten.

Wetten, dat wëssen déi mannsten Fussball-Fans, déi Olé, Olé, Olé grölen?

Hei nach bëssen méi Erklärung:

The Moors of Northern Africa ruled the area of the Iberian peninsula known as Spain for nearly 700 years. Their language was Arabic, and no language other than Latin had a more profound effect on the history and evolution of Spanish. Today, over 4000 Spanish words come directly from Arabic, nearly 8% of the Spanish lexicon. One of those words is Olé.

As Gilbert explains in the lecture, there existed an ancient tradition among many Moors to have great celebrations that included dancing. When a dancer performed at the highest levels of grace and intensity, for that moment, they were believed to be vessels through which Allah was acting, and the moment allowed the witnesses to see a glimpse of Allah’s power through the artist. So, it was customary for the Moors of Northern Africa centuries ago to exclaim Allah! when a dancer was performing in such an inspired and moving way.

Categories: Etymologie, Geschicht, Sport
  1. March 2, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Ok, schéngt wéi wann sou etymologesch Erkenntnisser net jidereen sou faszinéieren wéi mech! 😉

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