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Oh, Britannia!

D’Intentioun usech ass jo net schlecht, mee d’Ausféierung an den Scope sinn awer komplett absurd an lächerlech:

Some of Britain’s leading children’s authors have banded together to boycott school appearances to protest a new rule requiring adults to prove they are not sex offenders before they can enter schools.

The regulation will require adults to undergo a police background check at their own expense to demonstrate they are not a threat to young people. It takes effect in October in response to the 2002 murder of two schoolgirls by a school caretaker.

An zwar aus dësem Grond:

“Of course we have to take care, but this is not necessary,” said Michael Morpurgo, a former Children’s Laureate whose wide variety of books have long been revered by British students and teachers. “I’ve done this hundreds of times, and you are never alone with children, there are always 100 to 200 children and teachers around you. It’s absurd to think children are in any kind of danger.”

an dësem:

Morpurgo, whose book War Horse has since been made into a play, says the British government has overreacted.

“We need to warn them, don’t get in peoples’ cars, be wary, but for authors and illustrators and storytellers to be under this cloud, to have to produce a piece of paper showing you are not a pedophile, I think it’s one step too far,” he said.

“It’s teaching children to be suspicious. You should introduce them to the world and say it’s full of kind people with some people amongst them you really have to watch out for, not tell them the whole world is a nasty, wicked place.”

an dësem:

Francesca Simon, author of the popular “Horrid Henry” series, said she resents the implication that authors need to have a police check in order to read to a crowded auditorium.

“To visit is a great privilege, it makes such a connection between children and authors, but this is ludicrous,” she said. “You’re in a school for two hours, you are never alone with a child, it’s not anything like working with children day in and day out.”

a net ze vergiessen deen hei:

Horowitz wrote in a guest column in The Independent newspaper Thursday that the new rule is “very nearly insane.”

“I’m being asked to pay 64 pounds to prove that I am not a pedophile,” he said. “After 30 years writing books, visiting schools, hospitals, prisons, spreading an enthusiasm for culture and literacy, I find this incredibly insulting.”

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  1. July 17, 2009 at 9:20 am

    Tjo, sou ass d’Welt eben. Hautesdaags wier et am besten du häss direkt alles op der Stier stoen an jidfereen keint alles iwwert dech liesen, nemmen fir secher ze goen dassde wierklech keng “Gefohr” duerstells.

    Mir kruuten als Kand gesoot mir mussen op daat an daat opassen (den beissen Monni am Auto… iergendeen?) an daat hun mer och gemaat. Kanner gin doranner ziemlech ennerschaat. Waat geschidd wann sie net ufänken vum selwen kritesch ze sin? Waat geschidd wann se dann vun der oofgeschiermtener Welt an di richteg gin?

    Et ass einfach debile.

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